Acid Eye X2T True Wireless Earphones/Earbuds

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Information OF X2T 

Earlier we used Wired Earphones. Wired earphones are ideal for those who work at a desk for an extended period of time. Those who want to listen to music on their computer or mobile device can connect their wired Earphones and enjoy the sound quality. I always see people messing with their wired earphones. They always get stop working because the wires wear out. Whether they are the earphones that come with your Smartphone or some set you buy separately, all wired earphones seem to have the same problem because of this reason nowadays everyone is switching to wireless audio like Wireless Earphone. And that’s why today I am going to show you an affordable wireless earphone which has a very good build quality as well as it sounds. Acid Eye X2T True Wireless Earphone is highly recommended the very first thing that you will get is the Acid Eye X2T Wireless earphones itself which has a very ergonomic design, along with that you get the charging base through which you can charge the  earphones and it has a capacity of 85mAh forearphone and 2000mAh for charging case.

Build & Design

Now let us talk about its build and design, The Acid Eye X2T Wireless Earphone is designed to be lightweight, and that they are. As they are earbuds and not full of headphones, they are nice and portable, the earbuds have a glossy finish and it looks quite premium.
•As these are Acid Eye X2T wireless earphone it is obvious that it will have a charging too. The charging base which is supplied in the box is very lightweight and well designed. It has a capacity of 85mAh for earphone and 2000mAh for charging case
•The battery performance of these Acid Eye X2T wireless earphones are also quite good, with a continuous usage it can last for about one for 6-7 hours and set for 4-5 hours and that is acceptable if you take a look over other Buy X2T true wireless earphones online that comes under same price range.

• Travelers

If you enjoy listening to music but are constantly on the go, wireless earphones are a must. These Acid Eye X2T Wireless earphones will enable you to rock out to your favorite music as you travel the globe.
• Bluetooth Compatibility
You can connect your Acid Eye X2T wireless earphone to a Bluetooth-enabled device quickly and effortlessly

• Sound Quality

As I mentioned earlier these are just affordable wireless earphones but it doesn’t compromise with the sound . One of the best parts that I like about these Acid Eye X2T wireless earphones is that you can use either one of them at a time and power off the other one to save the
battery. Both can be connected individually via Bluetooth and it supports bluetooth 4.2. The wireless range is about 15m and set for 10m . I have used these Acid Eye X2T Wireless earphones with my smartphone and laptop and it turns out the connectivity is very good and it gets connected very easily. It also has a button over the earphone to control different functions like you can click once to play or pause your music, this can also be used to answer calls, additionally, you can press the button twice to change the music.

• Comfort

Because Acid Eye X2T true wireless earphones do not have cables, they often are more comfortable to wear than their wired counterparts.
So my final thoughts regarding these Acid Eye X2T wireless earphones are that if you are looking for a pair of the wireless earphone to take out running or to the gym, then these might be a right choice as these are not too expensive. Inside the box, you have Acid Eye X2T wireless earphone also get the 3 extra ear tips along with a micro USB charge cable of good quality and a soft carry pouch with a 1 year International Warranty Card